Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Sweet Tea?

A: I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, raised in Alabama, and spent the first 8 years of my married life in South Carolina. I wanted a name that shouted "Southern"! I've been in Utah 6 years now. I absolutely love it here but I'm still proud of my Southern roots and I wanted a name that reflected that.

Q: What type of photography do you shoot?

A: I will shoot almost anything (pew, pew!). I enjoy lifestyle and outdoor type shoots.  Bridals, family, kids, maternity...you name it!

Q: What is lifestyle photography?

A: Lifestyle photography is pictures of people doing everyday things usually in their home. I love the idea of capturing your kids playing with their own toys or a family cuddling on their own couch. Photos that you will be able to look back on and not remember just that day - but the hundreds of days those items represent while you were building a life with your family.

Q: Where do you shoot?

A: I shoot mainly in Brigham City and the surrounding small towns. Outside of those areas there is a small fee to cover gas and travel expenses.

Q: How do I get ahold of you to talk about setting up a shoot?

A: Call me at: 435-720-2855. Send me an email at: www.sweetteabyme@gmail.com  You can also contact me on Facebook at www.facebook/sweetteabyme

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